WE imagine. WE capture. WE create. ‚Äč

WE3 Productions is an independent, creative production company based in the DFW area.  Starting in a garage with nothing but a greenscreen and a dream, we use a bare-bones approach to film making in order to bring you a polished project, always on time, and always under budget.  We do everything we can for our clients, going that extra mile without charging an extra arm and leg in the process.

With over two decades' of combined experience in the entertainment industry, our team considers your project with a professional eye, approaches it with creative innovation, and turns all your craziest ideas into realities.


Every project is different, and every client needs something specific.  Here at We3 Productions, we use the many tools available to us to bring you a quality end result.  We do everything from HD Video and Editing, to Animation and Special Effects... heck, even Jingles and Props -- We3 Productions offers a variety of services to make your production dreams come true. Your project may require one or many of our services, so we'll take the time to consider your needs and craft and deliver an innovative concept that is completely your own.

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